Meet Hannah!

About me sections are hard, so here's a few fun facts

  • Went to school wanting to do Photography... then plot twist happened & now I have a degree in Business Marketing
  • Modeling stumbled across my path in 2013 and I've been doing it ever since
  • I've combined modeling with photography to become an influencer- so that's how that happened
  • Got a passion for fashion | high end & affordable + edgy & fun
  • Kind of a foodie. Brunch lover, wine drinker
  • Obsessed with beauty related stuff *watches makeup tutorials too often*
  • I lived in LA for a summer, I'm currently in Alabama. But I'm always on the road traveling (always open to new road trip spotify playlists)
  • Personality type is "ENFP" (spontaneous, carefree, lil' all over the place)
  • Just trying to grow my brand, enjoy life, & hopefully inspire people in the process. Let's be friends!